An Arched Tale #WRITEPHOTO

Mother:Look at you,My flower budIn early youth~Get ready princess It’s spring coming Thanks to Almighty Your time to bloom ~White horse Crowned soulProp up with An arched bow~Your one’s promisedComing from farSparkling eyes Seeing through an arch © 2021 Priyanci Jain. All rights reserved. A poem inspired by #Writephoto Challenge Photo used is a scene…… Continue reading An Arched Tale #WRITEPHOTO

Petals- A Haiku

Flower falls downpetal by petal,Why not at once without hesitation.. © 2021 Priyanci Jain. All rights reserved. The thought behind this haiku is~ Sometimes we face dark moments in our life and it is difficult to accept them to lead a new normal life. But our soul breaks apart petal by petal during the journey.…… Continue reading Petals- A Haiku

#WRITEPHOTO-My Floating Dream

Very hard to realizeBut to be preciseOnce upon a timeIn the lands of woodI loved consulting others and set the moodNo rest, no pause Counting stars all nightI fly without wings to reach the skyCouldn’t find my starI failed to igniteDesire to catch “My Floating Dream” I have written the above poetry for #WRITEPHOTO prompt!…… Continue reading #WRITEPHOTO-My Floating Dream

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