We loved silently It was eternal Felt like our souls Already knew each other It was unquestioning With no hope no desire Separated by An unbreakable frontier We looked into Each other’s eyes Felt the touch for One last time Placed our love On the burn of fire Our journey stopped before We even cross…… Continue reading THE WAIT WAS ETERNAL

Petals- A Haiku

Flower falls downpetal by petal,Why not at once without hesitation.. © 2021 Priyanci Jain. All rights reserved. The thought behind this haiku is~ Sometimes we face dark moments in our life and it is difficult to accept them to lead a new normal life. But our soul breaks apart petal by petal during the journey.…… Continue reading Petals- A Haiku

She touched me, in my dreams

I was about to wake up from my dream She finally divulged her love to meShe finally surrendered her soul to meShe did Oh, She didI Wish to stay longer I wish to love herI wishOh, I wishThough, I am untold to herBut she touched my heart In my dreamsOh, in my dreams © 2021…… Continue reading She touched me, in my dreams

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