He stumbled to the road Drenched and tired Heavy eyes, caging slowly recalling creator word by word He was catching his breath Liberating the pain He Looked up to the sky Moonlight and quite gaze He Looked away With an anticipated smile And realized, Nothing is constant Life alike moonlight © 2021 Priyanci Jain. All…… Continue reading LIFE ALIKE MOONLIGHT

Token of Breathe #1

“What is easy to start, Also ends easily..” © 2021 Priyanci Jain. All rights reserved. Things do come with their own price tags. Everything we get in our life, we have to pay something. It can be money, emotions, time and more. As we know hard work has no shortcut and not escape. Thus, it…… Continue reading Token of Breathe #1

Petals- A Haiku

Flower falls downpetal by petal,Why not at once without hesitation.. © 2021 Priyanci Jain. All rights reserved. The thought behind this haiku is~ Sometimes we face dark moments in our life and it is difficult to accept them to lead a new normal life. But our soul breaks apart petal by petal during the journey.…… Continue reading Petals- A Haiku

My Eternal Thoughts

“We want to live in our thoughts, which is illusion, But we are living in the universe of thoughts, which is eternal” I love living in different worlds with different stories. Creating my own wonderland in my thoughts and living in the same fascinates me a lot. It is a part of me. Deep down…… Continue reading My Eternal Thoughts

My First Rain of Monsoon 2021

It was July 2021 and raining all-day I was sitting at my homeDrops are coming my wayShould I go out or notThe confusion stayedMind shouts “Oh No”But heart winsBy the wayI ran downstairsAlone in the wholeWalking smoothly on the greenBlooming, budding, fresh like snowMy heart pours outI feel aliveDesire to seizeThe moment as my whole…… Continue reading My First Rain of Monsoon 2021

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