She has started feeling happy now

gothic dark queen sits in castle on golden throne. black dress with butterflies. Brick wall, large gothic room, magical sun rays from window. Long train fashionable silk skirt. Glamorous fantasy woman

She knows, that she is trying Knitting a new life from whatever threads She has with her Finally She is not lying To herself Finally, not writing a blank letter The threads are too dark To shape something bright Besides, She has someone now Handing over some shiny bids To her beloved hands While looking…… Continue reading She has started feeling happy now


I live in a crowdWho claims to be mineThe tiniest placeMet a soul unusualI thought I was happy, ButHe noticed my doomed smileFreak to othersA riddle to meBroken for othersA fixer for meI lost him, ButHis soul traveled with me, for miles Hello to all the beautiful souls out there ! So, it was raining…… Continue reading INSPIRED BY – ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES

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