A second thought on “I am positive” #shortstory

I always talk to people and mention how positive I am, having a positive mindset and a positive soul is all I speak about. Feeling low and unmotivated….Oh, what’s that. I stay away from these words. But this is not the “The True Reality”. Yes, The True Reality. I know I am very strong. However…… Continue reading A second thought on “I am positive” #shortstory

#WRITEPHOTO-My Floating Dream

Very hard to realizeBut to be preciseOnce upon a timeIn the lands of woodI loved consulting others and set the moodNo rest, no pause Counting stars all nightI fly without wings to reach the skyCouldn’t find my starI failed to igniteDesire to catch “My Floating Dream” I have written the above poetry for #WRITEPHOTO prompt!…… Continue reading #WRITEPHOTO-My Floating Dream

My Eternal Thoughts

“We want to live in our thoughts, which is illusion, But we are living in the universe of thoughts, which is eternal” I love living in different worlds with different stories. Creating my own wonderland in my thoughts and living in the same fascinates me a lot. It is a part of me. Deep down…… Continue reading My Eternal Thoughts

My First Rain of Monsoon 2021

It was July 2021 and raining all-day I was sitting at my homeDrops are coming my wayShould I go out or notThe confusion stayedMind shouts “Oh No”But heart winsBy the wayI ran downstairsAlone in the wholeWalking smoothly on the greenBlooming, budding, fresh like snowMy heart pours outI feel aliveDesire to seizeThe moment as my whole…… Continue reading My First Rain of Monsoon 2021

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