An Arched Tale #WRITEPHOTO

Mother:Look at you,My flower budIn early youth~Get ready princess It’s spring coming Thanks to Almighty Your time to bloom ~White horse Crowned soulProp up with An arched bow~Your one’s promisedComing from farSparkling eyes Seeing through an arch © 2021 Priyanci Jain. All rights reserved. A poem inspired by #Writephoto Challenge Photo used is a scene…… Continue reading An Arched Tale #WRITEPHOTO


We met on a cloudy patch By no means to stretch True to leisure  The witty mind act Hopped to one and other Inviting smile, he enact We stayed behind the shadow Reflecting, just like that Untold and concealed The secret will be forever kept © 2021 Priyanci Jain. All rights reserved


We loved silently It was eternal Felt like our souls Already knew each other It was unquestioning With no hope no desire Separated by An unbreakable frontier We looked into Each other’s eyes Felt the touch for One last time Placed our love On the burn of fire Our journey stopped before We even cross…… Continue reading THE WAIT WAS ETERNAL


He stumbled to the road Drenched and tired Heavy eyes, caging slowly recalling creator word by word He was catching his breath Liberating the pain He Looked up to the sky Moonlight and quite gaze He Looked away With an anticipated smile And realized, Nothing is constant Life alike moonlight © 2021 Priyanci Jain. All…… Continue reading LIFE ALIKE MOONLIGHT

Token of Breathe #1

“What is easy to start, Also ends easily..” © 2021 Priyanci Jain. All rights reserved. Things do come with their own price tags. Everything we get in our life, we have to pay something. It can be money, emotions, time and more. As we know hard work has no shortcut and not escape. Thus, it…… Continue reading Token of Breathe #1

She touched me, in my dreams

I was about to wake up from my dream She finally divulged her love to meShe finally surrendered her soul to meShe did Oh, She didI Wish to stay longer I wish to love herI wishOh, I wishThough, I am untold to herBut she touched my heart In my dreamsOh, in my dreams © 2021…… Continue reading She touched me, in my dreams

A second thought on “I am positive” #shortstory

I always talk to people and mention how positive I am, having a positive mindset and a positive soul is all I speak about. Feeling low and unmotivated….Oh, what’s that. I stay away from these words. But this is not the “The True Reality”. Yes, The True Reality. I know I am very strong. However…… Continue reading A second thought on “I am positive” #shortstory

My First Rain of Monsoon 2021

It was July 2021 and raining all-day I was sitting at my homeDrops are coming my wayShould I go out or notThe confusion stayedMind shouts “Oh No”But heart winsBy the wayI ran downstairsAlone in the wholeWalking smoothly on the greenBlooming, budding, fresh like snowMy heart pours outI feel aliveDesire to seizeThe moment as my whole…… Continue reading My First Rain of Monsoon 2021

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