Oh my love..I want to see you Up until the snow turns into lustrous dropsOh my love..I want to feel youUp until the the buds of today becomes the flower of tomorrow Oh my love..I want to be yours Up until forever and eternity ~ Luna All Rights Reserved @priyancijain2016

The Freezing Sea

Blue ice and cracks on the surface of the ice. Frozen lake under a blue sky in the winter. The hills of pines. Winter. Carpathian, Ukraine, Europe

The freezing sea, Enveloped with the glaze of ice Without saying, holding on the feelings in her eyes Standing by, For that one split moment She could breathe a sigh, To break the threaten Little by little, The grease Ice tears apart But the time longing, left her numb with no calm Spring took the…… Continue reading The Freezing Sea


We met on a cloudy patchBy no means to stretchTrue to leisure The witty mind actHopped to one and otherInviting smile, he enactWe stayed behind the shadowReflecting, just like thatUntold and concealedThe secret will be forever kept © 2022 Priyanci Jain. All rights reserved

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