I live in a crowd

Who claims to be mine

The tiniest place

Met a soul unusual

I thought I was happy, But

He noticed my doomed smile

Freak to others

A riddle to me

Broken for others

A fixer for me

I lost him, But

His soul traveled with me, for miles

Hello to all the beautiful souls out there !

So, it was raining today at my place. I just got in my bed and started watching Netflix. And Netflix being so sweet, it recommended something on my home screen, “All the bright places”. This movie is adapted from the novel with the same name. Being a fan of the “romance genre”, I find the poster very appealing. Then what, I slide in with all those scenes and moments.

As soon as the movie ended, I was so eager to pen my thoughts. And I did the same.

I hope this poem will inspire you to watch this beautiful piece written by @Jennifer Niven and directed by @Brett Haley.

Also, this is my prompt to Eugi- Weekly- Prompt


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